The portal for remote viewing of FreeStyle Libre blood glucose

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Until yesterday it was impossible, but from today it is enough to turn on your smartphone or PC, open a protected page on the DeeBee. it website and, without having to be technological wizards, to remotely see the blood sugar data collected by FreeStyle Libre with the Glimp app.

After a long and careful programming phase, after various tests and versions, the blood glucose read by simply scanning with an Android smartphone or in CGM by the FreeStyle Libre sensor, can be consulted on your mobile phone (whether Apple, Android, Windows Mobile…), tablet, PC or Smart TV.

The keyword of the new service created by DeeBee Italia is “simplicity”. With the new Glimp for Web portal it is in fact sufficient to enter the same credentials of your Dropbox account on both the Glimp app and the web portal, to access the blood sugar chart in real time. Everything automatically and without having to set up or configure anything.

With each individual reading of the sensor with a smartphone, the value is automatically transferred to the portal, while for those who use Glimp in CGM, then with the help of GlimBee or BluCon, the values are updated every five minutes on their Glimp in Web. It is also possible to set the threshold of hypo or hyperglycemic alarms and the calibrations performed are visible.
Unlike Nightscout, with Glimp for Web every new interface update will take place automatically, as will the release of new functions. Reports are already planned for the future, such as the percentage of blood sugar ranges, the presumed glycata and the historian, all printable for presentation to your diabetes therapist. The user will not have to take charge of any preliminary work: when the new functions are available, the relevant button will appear directly on Glimp for Web.
For now Glimp for Web is in the beta version and is being improved. To tend, the interface will also show the arrow of the blood sugar tendency, the increase in blood glucose compared to the previous value, the setting of the alarm that sounds after not having received the blood sugar for too long and much more.
As always, in the comments or at our email address, we await your feedback, suggestions or tips to improve as much as possible our new service designed to make diabetes management even easier.
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