Miao Miao: Unboxing and first impressions

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As we have anticipated, DeeBee had the privilege of receiving one of the first units of Miao Miao for countries outside China, with limited editions. There are currently two versions of the reader: one Chinese, which is sold with Tomato’s proprietary software (soon in English, but now only in Chinese), the other international and open to third party software – such as GlimpxDrip+ e Spike,, whose fearless programmers are rapidly implementing the appropriate interfaces to communicate with the newcomer.

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Since the manufacturer has shipped the device to us to test it, only 7 working days have passed that, if compared with the biblical times that often takes to arrive the goods from China, is a respectable timing.

Miao Miao arrives in a small anonymous box, whose origin can be guessed only because the recipient’s address shows “Italy” and, next to it, three pictograms (which, presumably, mean “Italy” – but by?-).

Opening the box

Inside the feather-weight box, we find the object of desire: Miao Miao, wrapped in a layer of pluriball that prevents any possible impact. The first impression is one of extreme attention to detail: every view you look at always looks just where it should be.

Opening the package

One thing is more impressive than the others: the opening of the package. Yes, because the eyes are hidden by a reader who doesn’t believe in it until one has it in front of them: it is incredibly small, small and thin. It looks almost like a Libre! My first thought was, Miao Miao, you are embarrassing! Good fun, of course: I like it so much that every reader I’ve tried before gets pale!


In addition to Miao Miao, we also find the Miao Miao charging cable which, we remind you, has a declared duration of 14+ days. In addition, the Chinese language manual of the dedicated app peeps out, but it only contains the main indications on how the app works (it has many functions, which we’ll discover gradually) and nothing else.

Final considerations

My own heart surprised me, let us say. Small and light. So light, that I wanted to weigh it with the precise Lidl scale.

To give you an idea of the size of Miao Miao, I took a couple of photos that depict, in order (starting from the left): the tank of the Omnipod pump, the transmitter of Eversense, the reader Miao Miao and the sensor Dexcom G5 with its base (or G4 first edition, which has the same size as the G5) .

Now all that remains is to recharge it.
And expect another chapter…

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