My first two weeks with Miao Miao and his app

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I had the opportunity to have Miao Miao a few weeks ago and realized that in order to use it immediately I would have to learn… Chinese. A language not very close to mine. Being tough in nature, I did not pull back.

I couldn’t wait; I got stuck with impunity and I did! It took a few days before I could use the app with my iPhone. Apart from the language difficulty, which can be overcome as soon as the English version is released, the app is quite complex. But it is also complete and, in addition to the usual options, gives the possibility to exchange information and compare notes with other people who use it.

Day by day, I have understood more and more and my enthusiasm has increased. Within two weeks, I had my blood sugar readings every 5 minutes, there were no problems or disconnections. And that’s not all: blood sugar values were also transferred in parallel to Apple Health.

To my surprise I realized that after two weeks and a few hours of use, the remaining capacity of the battery was 60%!

The second FreeStyle Libre in CGM is being tested with my Samsung S4 mini with xDrip + (special). After 5 days and 4 hours, the battery still shows 80%.

If the communication between xDrip + and Miao Miao remains as good and stable as the original Chinese app, it will be a really wonderful thing! And I would be even happier if Miao Miao were integrated into Glimp!

Bruno Bolli

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