Dexcom G6 vs Eversense XL vs Dexcom G5. Part one.

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We tested the two Dexcom top sensors and the Eversense implantable sensor. That's what happened.

Author: Mario Migliarese

Saturday is always my favorite day, working week ended, the prospect of a Sunday with my family. Perfect day to start the test. It will certainly be challenging, it will take great attention and spirit of observation, but I’m sure it will be worth it. I’ll use my faithful Eversense, Dexcom G5 and the latest arrival at Dexcom’s house, the long-awaited G6, at the same time. I had a little initial hiccup with the apps because I’m running everything on the same mobile phone.

Here they are, all together after a daring trip, in Italy and beyond. Eversense, already implanted on July 24 remains obviously in the arm, and I put the other two “guests” on the abdomen. One on each side, so to have an identical site for both of them.

Inserting the G6 is dramatically easier. One click and it’s done. Too bad there is still an impressive amount of plastic to dispose of, nothing to do with the other sensors. It is not to be underestimated, because in my opinion preserving the environment is very important.

To avoid early detachments, given my very busy lifestyle and the fairly old Dexcom G5, I preferred to use a veil of Mastisol to increase grip.

At first glance the G6 will last longer. As it was designed, very close to the patch and not tilting like its brothers born earlier, you can hardly get caught in the clothes. I may be used to Eversense, which once removed the transmitter is as if it were not there, but I must be very careful not to take the two Dexcom away drying after a shower or during a game.

I’m amazed by the initial alignment of the three sensors, I can’t believe the very few points of difference between the different technologies. I may seem exaggerated, but it’s really exciting:

Eversense: 127
Dexcom G5: 121
Dexcom G6:116

The dance of glycemic values begins to change pace when (on purpose) I eat a cookie in the middle of the morning. And this screen says it all.

Eversense: predictive warning of hyperglycemia
Dexcom G5: oblique arrow on rise
Dexcom G6: stable arrow

Eversense is immediately reactive in perceiving the ascents and descents, the G5 follows it closely and the G6 more slowly. But we’re talking about a few minutes, not more. And I don’t know if this could also depend on the sites where I inserted the two Dexcom.

But also between the two sensors of the house Dexcom I see differences: the G5 tends to be more “ready” to climb, while in the descents happens the opposite. The newcomer is more ready.

I noticed that the two Dexcom hold the rod a bit higher than Eversense, the values are a few points away, but up.

Glucometer: 110
Eversense: 106 (deviation from the glucometer: -3,5 %)
Dexcom G5: 120 (deviation from the glucometer: +9,0 %)
Dexcom G6: 134 (deviation from the glucometer: +21,8 %)

Undoubtedly, the juiciest observations are those related to out-of-range blood sugar levels. It’s interesting to see what happens during hypoglycaemias. So, I specially made a slightly abundant bolus (don’t do it!). Here is the result:

Eversense: 66
Dexcom G5: 72
Dexcom G6: 66

Note: I have only calibrated Eversense and the Dexcom G5: seeing this precision is really amazing!

And if the blood sugar levels were acceptable during the day, on Saturday evening, thanks to a dinner with friends, a prolonged hyperglycemia put the whole system to a hard testing. I let you imagine a “singing” night between Dexcom alarms and Eversense vibrations. To preserve my nervous system, we decided to remove the alarms from the two different twins and have them followed at a distance by someone else on the DeeBee team. Sick common half jubilation? Was that the saying?

But I’ll talk about this sweet night concert in the next article…

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