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Those who follow our site assiduously, surely now know well the MiaoMiao: it is a small device (it is not the only one) that rests on the FreeStyle Libre “sensor”. In a nutshell, this device is able to transform the famous white button of Abbott in a CGM, giving it the ability to suddenly warn in case of hypo and hyperglycemia.

In addition to interfacing with the official app, MiaoMiao can be used with three apps that DeeBee.it has analyzed several times: xDrip+ and Glimp (Android), Spike (Apple).

Purchase of MiaoMiao

You can buy the device online, from the European Union, for a quick delivery, or directly from the manufacturer for a mini price. It is good to clarify one thing: whether you make a purchase across the border or you do it abroad, the MiaoMiao will be perfectly usable.

But DeeBee.it wants to surprise you, giving its readers a $10 coupon, spendable in the official store MiaoMiao.cool and a coupon with 10% discount spendable in the accessories store 3Diabetics.com!

Here is a list, constantly updated, of online stores, with their prices (shipping costs and coupons included) and shipping times (working days), from which you can buy the cat from the East.

Origine Prezzo* Consegna Sito
Italy 220 € R.D. ** Purchase
Spain (EU) 185 € 1-2 gg Purchase
Slovenia (EU) 180 € 3-5 gg Purchase
International 174 € 5-10 gg Purchase

* Indicative prices: Euro/Dollar exchange on the date of publication and our $10 coupon included.
** “Ready to Deliver”: Doesn’t specify how many days. According to the experiences reported by the users in the Italian group MiaoMiao the delivery times are variable.

The stated warranty of all the shops mentioned is that of the manufacturer, ie 1 year, although the minimum duration of the European warranty must be by law at least 24 months (2 years), except for certain special promotions.

Purchase of accessories

In addition to the MiaoMiao, are also available for purchase accessories, ranging from the armband, the shell that doesn’t use glue in case of allergy or redness, to stickers to make Libre the coolest button on the road!

Arm strap for MiaoMiao

There are several bands on the market, the cost of which varies between 20 and 30 €. Some are created with amateur materials, such as ABS and PLA, therefore less durable and that we do not feel like proposing. Still others with professional materials, as nylon, more resistant and not aggressive with the skin.

Bark Bark (use our Coupon)

Elastic band with minimal dimensions and various colors, which allows you to graft MiaoMiao inside by equipping it with loops.
PROS: elastic, also covers the Libre, size, color, material
CONS: size, band monochrome

MiaoMiao Holder

Band in white rubber material, particularly appreciated by those who are looking for a non-rigid solution.
PROS: ductility, also covers the Libre
CONS: generous size (including thickness)

Bark Mini (use our Coupon)

The smallest elastic band on the market. Various colours. Allows you to graft MiaoMiao inside it by equipping it with loops. Useful especially for those who are afraid to lose the MiaoMiao.
PROS: the smallest, colors, material
CONS: does not cover the Libre, necessary adhesive


Elastic band in PLA material. Very good the presence of many colors, less good the resistance of this product, which is fragile and has two corners towards the middle of the shell at “risk of entanglement”.
PROS: many colors, colored bands
CONS: fragile, not perfectly smooth surface


This band, is located halfway between the Bark Bark and the MiaoMiao Holder.
PRO: ductility of the material used (like MiaoMiao Holder)
CONS: narrow band, which gives a feeling of instability; very “massive” design

Solutions to avoid adhesives and allergies

In addition to the classic band, there are also some shells designed specifically to place MiaoMiao on top of the Libre without the use of glue or stickers. Here they are.

Kiwi (use our Coupon)

Particular nylon shell, widely used among the communities in the industry, has smooth walls and rounded edges. The main feature is to fit on the Libre, without glue or bands, keeping the MiaoMiao in place and protecting it.

Kiwi Slim (use our Coupon)

It uses the same principle as the Kiwi, but leaves the MiaoMiao exposed, allowing you to place the stickers on it, to give a touch of cheerfulness!


In addition to the “useful” accessories for MiaoMiao, some shops specializing in accessories related to the aesthetics of the FreeStyle Libre have quickly flourished because, as always, the best solution is the one that can make an accessory more aesthetically pleasing to performers.


German shop run by a girl with type 1 diabetes. Creates and sells stickers for sensors and readers FreeStyle Libre. The shop’s feminine and well-kept mould does not go unnoticed.


By popular demand, here are the coupons that you can use on the sites MiaoMiao.cool and 3Diabetics.com, for the purchase of the following products:

  • MiaoMiao Reader
  • Bark Mini
  • Kiwi
  • Bark Bark
  • Kiwi Slim



Other shops

Are you looking for stores that sell diabetes accessories? Check out Beezar, the DeeBee bazaar!

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