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xItaly is the first wearable device able to receive blood sugar values from Dexcom sensor and to send them to a GSM smartwatch, and so online, remotely, in every place in the world, using internet! And it’s made in Italy.

xItaly can be used as a pendant or can fit in your pocket due to the small size.
The design of xItaly reaches out to all those parents who want to keep the blood sugar under control even when the child is doing activities that lead him to occupy an area of size hardly “coverable” by the receiver (for example during a football game, or while the child plays in a big park). With xItaly and smartwatch wrist, your blood sugar will always be under control!

The heart of xItaly is an xDrip circuit (or  xBridge).

Section: 1.8″ x 1.8″  (46 x 46 mm)
Thickness: 0.43″ (11 mm)
W: 0.88 oz (25 gr)
Battery life: 26 hours

With xItaly is therefore in the hands (or rather, in the neck!) a super-compact receiver for Dexcom and that, paired with one smartwatch GSM, can send blood sugar levels remotely, in real time, to set infinite “intelligent” alarms  (VERY intelligent) and do many, many other things more, like sending a message in case of hypoglycemia, or even control the switching of a light in the house! Obviously are just two simple examples: the potential is endless, thanks to the potential of IFTTT. And thanks to Nightscout.

DeeBee Italia recommends using xItaly in combination with the smartwatch ZGPAX S8

Here is the full free project.

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