Create the personalized rescue image for your own device, online presents the first automatic system for the generation of diabetes-themed backgrounds, on which to enter your data, useful in case of emergency.
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Have you ever met people who have lost the medical device used (and never returned) to manage diabetes? Now you can easily set up a background with your data. Or, are you looking for a simple way to print an identification card with the phone number to contact in case of emergencies?

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who have so far already created
1520 personalized images
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Here is an example
(scroll down for English images) has created what's right for you:

  1. Choose an image
  2. Enter your name (or the name of the person with diabetes)
  3. Write the message to be read in case of emergency
  4. Save the created image and use it according to your needs.

Would you like to use a different image? No problem! Send it to and we'll put it here.

Step 1 - Select from the images below the background you want to set on your smartphone.

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