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The app Glimp, useful to read the FreeStyle Libre sensor without the use of official reader, does not support some smartphones on the market, even if equipped with NFC functionality. It is noted, in particular, that some models may make the sensor unusable. To safeguard you from unpleasant incidents, we remember that Glimp checks the smartphone model used for the sensor reading and shows malfunctions in advance, thus insuring you from possible problems.

We invite all the Glimp users using a model not listed, to give us a feedback in the comments below or via e-mail. Write us and let us know which smartphone you use and how you are: we’ll enter the list.

Supported NFC Smartphones

  • LG_G3

    Not Supported Smartphones


Not recommended NFC Smartphones

  • LG_K8
  • LG_NEXUS_5

NB. We recently received this email from a user of Glimp:

“I’ve used the sensor for 2-3 hours and decided to see what options the NFC provide. There are advanced settings and there I can change the processing method. The two options are:

  1. SE SIM card
  2. Android operation system

By default option 1 is active. I’ve read the sensor probably 50+ times in this 2-3 hours because I was quite curious how does it work. And I had zero problems while I was using the SE SIM card method. When I switched the processing method to 2 and tried to read the sensor it failed from the first attempt on”

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34 pensieri su “Glimp – Supported smartphones (list)”

  1. We’ve been using LG K8 alongside the Libre’s own reader for a few weeks and with three sensors. First for a couple of days, second the whole 2 weeks and the latest for three days. All of a sudden the new sensor was lost when reading with Libre reader and Glimp also stated that the sensor is broken.
    Couldn’t confirm if the reason was the sensor itself or the LG K8 antenna. Just to let you know if there have been more similar cases with this phone model.

    1. Yes, the same thing happened with my k8, it worked 3 days with my first sensor, and 2 days with my second one. So I do not recommend this type of phone.

  2. It doesn’t work with the OnePlus One (neither does the Librelink app).
    Bought a Galaxy S7 as I’d tested it on an S7 edge and it worked fine so assumed they’d be the same, it has worked well so far with my new S7 but am worried after the warning in app and reading this list…

    1. Any updates on the Galaxy S7 working well with the Libre sensors, Chris?
      Would appreciate your input!
      Thank you in advance!

  3. What would be the cheapest compatible smartphone or device to use with glimp? (I’m only buying one for this sole purpose as I’m an iPhone user)

  4. Working fine so far on 3 sensors: Sony Xperia S, Sony Xperia z5 Compact, LG G3.
    Has anybody tested with LG K10 (2017) or Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)? I am having a dilemma which one of those to buy.

  5. Samsung Galaxy S5 mini and Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus have been tested successfully.
    More than 5 sensors “have survived” these phones.

  6. Hi I’ve been trying for a while to get my Sony Xperia M4 aqua to read the sensor but no matter what I do it doesn’t respond. Yes nfc is turned on, yes I know where to scan, yes I’ve tried holding it near and far and for minutes on end. Any reason/advice ??

  7. I’m in the process of selecting a phone to use for the Glimp/Nightscout system for the Libre sensor. Has anyone used the Samsung Galaxy J2? The spec lists HFC but I’m wondering how well it works? Also, can the phone that the Glimp app gets installed on be set-up for WIFI only, or does it have to have a SIM Card and LTE to function properly?

    Thanks for any insight!

  8. following phones worked well for me more than 5 sensors of “libre pro” on each-

    samsung galaxy note 3
    samsung galaxy note edge
    samsung galaxy on8
    motorola moto X play
    lenovo vibe x3

  9. Huawei Nova (CAN-L11) works fine. Мuch better then Galaxy S3 and S4mini. Very fast data reading, almost like original reader

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