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Solo, the patch pump that no longer leaves the OmniPod on its own

In 2019 the choice of insulin pumps in Italy will be expanded by the introduction of the Accu-Chek Solo (Micropump system) made by Roche. The device was awarded a CE mark in July 2018 and is approved for use by patients from 2 years of age. The pump is based on the design by Medingo. Ltd which was approved by the FDA in 2009 and purchased by Roche a year later.
Unlike the more well known OmniPod, the Solo has a semi disposable unit which is controlled via Bluetooth using a touchscreen handheld device with an intergrated Aviva Accu-Chek glucometer.

The part that attaches to the body is:

• An adhesive patch ( the pump holder) which has a plastic grafted inlay where the pump base and reservoir sit, this lasts up to 3 days.

• A pump base that contains the minimotor (with a piston system similar to that contained in conventional infusion pumps, and therefore different than the OmniPod system) and electronic components. It can be used for up to 4 months. The disposable reservoir part is inserted into this.

• The insulin reservoir, this can contain between 80 and 200 units of insulin and is replaced every three days. It is made of transparent material so that it is easy to see both the level of insulin as well as the presence of air bubbles.

It can be applied in four possible areas of the body: abdomen, legs, upper buttocks and arms.

Even though it looks very similar to its “cousin” the Omnipod there are a few important details that make the two quite different.

• The Solo micropump has two lengths of cannula available, a 6 mm and 9 mm these are made of soft teflon.

• The dispensing of insulin can take place by not only using the Personal Diabetes Manager, but also by pressing two buttons on the sides of the patch pump, thus avoiding inconveniences in case of loss or defect of the PDM (see below). By simultaneously pressing the two side buttons, after the audible confirmation, you can dispense insulin quickly in what is called a, “quick bolus”. Each time you press the buttons, it delivers insulin as needed, from as little as 0.20 to 2 units at a time.

• The pump part is water resistant but must not be immersed in water. It needs to be removed when having a bath or swimming. In these circumstances only the pump holder should be left on the body.

• The minimum basal rate is 0.0U / h (compared with 0.05U / time OmniPod), and the minimum bolus is 0.01U (0.05U compared with the OmniPod)

The Handheld Device

This is called the Personal Diabetes Manager (or “PDM”) it has a 4-inch colour display which can be locked preventing any accidental operation of the device. The display on the status screen allows you to see the time and date, the insulin level in the reservoir and the current basal rate. The battery is charged just like an ordinary smartphone, it features a display which confirms the bolus delivery and an integrated blood glucose meter port.
(The picture below shows the comparison in size between the remote control of Accu-Chek Insight and that of the Solo micropump).

Introducing a new Accu-Chek Italian User Group

With the imminent arrival in the Italian market, we reveal a new Facebook group dedicated to the new addition to the Roche family: This will be a place where members can exchange information, ideas and views on the new pump. As with all the other DeeBee groups, this will be a digital closed group , to protect the privacy of its members, please visit the group, we are waiting!

Diabete e bambino. Cosa succede quando mangiamo? La vera storia del cibo dalla bocca agli zuccheri, grazie al lavoro di Fata Insulina.

Da Padre a padre, dico grazie all'autore per aver fatto sorridere la mia bambina. Ci ha relagato uno sprazzo di magia

Ho pianto nel vedere la mia bimba felice  di leggere di una bimba come lei
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